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About me

Hello! I'm Safaa, an enthusiast person about yarns and colors, mixing them together to create very beautiful items. I am managing to be a maker beside my full-time job as an Architect and my role as a wife.


Since I started crocheting 3 years ago I was very passionate about learning each & every skill to reach the level of the professional crocheters who I've been always following. And I've committed on learning a new skill every day till I reached this level and I will always be eager to learn more and more to give you my best either as an inspirational or as a physical benefit. 


My happy color is pale pink and I think you will find most of my work with pink shades color palette. I also get attracted to many different unique color combos and I always work on creating the best of them.  

I find my self in the contemporary designs but sometimes I like to work on vintage projects.


I hope you'll find what you want here and enjoy it as I always do!