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Crochet Patterns

Spring Pastel Flower

I've always wanted to design my own pattern and have the skills of designing and writing patterns. But I've always hesitated about it. Once the" The crochet hook up" page by @theloopystitch  has announced about the campaign of 3365daysofcrochet flowers, and that anyone who crochet can design his/her own flower, a dear friend sent me the post and at that moment I took the decision of designing and started with this flower!


You can use this flower in many ways either you convert it to a square and make a unique blanket, or using it as a motive or even attached a magnet and put it as a decorative piece on your fridge it will work perfectly!


Here is the pattern where you could easily make it in few minutes.



Skill Level: Easy  


Crochet Hook: 3.5 mm hook 

Yarn: 5 colors from “ Nature Cotton Yarn”

Cotton  , 50 g

Note: (you can use any similar yarn brand in weight)


 The pattern is written in US terms

sc : single crochet

sl st: slip stitch

 puff st: puff stitch

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

 tr: treble crochet

fpdc: front post double crochet

 With Color A

Rnd 1: 10 sc in a magic ring , sl st in the first sc. (do not cut yarn)

 Rnd 2: ch 2 , puff st in the same st, close the puff with ch 1, * skip next st, 1 puff st in the next st, close the puff st with ch1 *, repeat from * 3 times. Ending the rnd by sl st at the top of the ch 2. (5 puff sts, 5 ch1 space)

Rnd 3 : Attach color B in any ch 1 space, ch 1 , sc in the same space. ch 2 , * skip next puff st, 2 sc in next ch 1 space,ch 2, repeat 3 times, sl st in the first sc. ( 9 sc +ch1 space, 5 ch 2 space) , do not cut the yarn.

Rnd4: with the same color, ch 3, dc in next st, *ch 3 skip next ch 2 space, 2 dc in next 2 sc , repeat from * 3 times, sl st in the 3rd chain. (9dc + 1 ch3, 5 ch 3 space.

Rnd 5: Attach color C in the space between any two dcs, ch1, sc in the same space, sl st in the next chain 3 space ch4, 4tr in the same space, ch4, sl st in the same space, *sc in the sp between the dcs, sl st in the next ch3 sp, ch4, 4 tr in the same sp, ch4, sl st in the same sp, repeat from * 3 more times. jss to the 1st sc. cut yarn, weave in ends. (5 petals, 5 sc)

Rnd 6: Attach color D in any sc, ch 1 sc in the same st, ch 8, (Working behind the petals) *sc in next sc , ch 8, repeat from * 4 times, sl st in first sc. (5 sc, 5 ch 8 space). (do not cut yarn).

Rnd 7: with the same color, ch 3 , *sl st in next ch 8 space, ch 4 , 4 tr in the same space, ch 4 ,slst in the same space, 1 dc in next sc , repeat from * 4 times, sl st in the third ch. (5 petals, 5 dc).

Rnd 8: Attach color E in any dc ,fpdc around the same dc from previous rnd 4 times, ch 8 (working behind the petals), * fpdc around the next dc from previous round 4 times, repeat from* 3 times, sl st to the bottom of the first fpdc. ( 5 small front petals, 5 ch 5 space).

And your flower is done!