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A mesterious monthly box

What is knitcrate?

Knitcrate is a mysterious monthly box that you receive after subscribing to any of their monthly boxes. You'll receive a monthly crate that consists of 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn and two patterns ( crochet & knitting) to choose either of them to make some gorgeous wearable pieces. 

How can I get my box?

By subscribing to the monthly crate here you I'll get your box every month. And if you want to get an extra 20% off on your first subscription you could use the coupon code: SAFAA20


I just wanted to share with you the crates that I've received lately. 

August's Crate

This crate really came on time. As I live in a hot climate and most of the time I feel cold because of the air conditioner which we never turn off. I've always needed a light thing to cover myself with without feeling warm, and this "Caribbean Escape" shawl by Jennifer Dickerson was a perfect idea. A very light piece in a hot summer weather! 


July's Crate

July's crate was all about summer and bright colors. In that month I've received 2 skeins of blues and greens mixed yarn to create very practical yoga socks! The pattern was very easy to follow and went very fast. This creative pattern was designed by Laura Bain

June's Crate

This crate was the first crate I receive from them. Under the " Ice cream" theme you will get 2 skeins of bright yarns to make the fabulous Lemoncello poncho, which you can wear it over a tank top and jeans and get a perfect summery outfit!